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Barrick, A., Manier N., Pandard P., Châtel A. et Mouneyrac C., "The Application of Ecotoxicological Tools to Safer-by-Design Strategies for Engineered Nanomaterials.". SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting . 13-17/05. [s.l] : [s.n] , 2018
Barrick, A., Marion J-M., Perrein-Ettajani H., Châtel A. et Mouneyrac C., "Baseline levels of biochemical biomarkers in the endobenthic ragworm Hediste diversicolor as useful tools in biological monitoring of estuaries under anthropogenic pressure". Marine Pollution Bulletin. 2018. Vol. 129 p. 81–85
Kalman, J., Manier N., Barrick A., Pandard P., Châtel A., Mouneyrac C. et Navas J. M., "Grouping of nanomaterials as a previous step for safe by design, registration, and risk assessment: an approach based on ecotoxicity data in H2020 project NanoReg2". Iberoamerican Congress of Environmental Pollution and Toxicology . 11/07. [s.l] : [s.n] , 2018
Rodriguez, I., Gómez P., Barruetabeña L., Puelles R., Micheletti C., Suárez-Merino B., Sánchez A., et al., "Integrated Safety Assessment in Safe-by-design. An industrial case study.". BIT's 8th Annual Congress of NanoScience and Technology . 24-26/10. [s.l] : [s.n] , 2018
Barrick, A., Guillet C., Mouneyrac C. et Châtel A., "Investigating the establishment of primary cultures of hemocytes from Mytilus edulis". Cytotechnology. 2018. Vol. 70 n°4 p. 1205-1220
Barrick, A., Mouneyrac C., Manier N., de Lantavy L., Jrad N. et Châtel A., "Towards the development of a high throughput screening approach for Mytilus edulis hemocytes: A case study on silicon-based nanomaterials.". Marine Environmental Research . 2018. Vol. 142 p. 306-318
Châtel, A., Lièvre C., Barrick A., Bruneau M. et Mouneyrac C., "Transcriptomic approach: a promising tool for rapid screening Nanomaterial-mediated toxicity in the marine bivalve Mytilus edulis –Application to copper oxide nanoparticles". Comparative Biochemistry Physiology Part C Toxicology Pharmacology. 2018. Vol. 205 p. 26–33