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Bertrand, C., Monferrán L., Mouneyrac C., Bonanse RI. et Valeria AM., "Sensitive biomarker response of shrimp Palaemonetes argentinus exposed to chlorpyrifos at environmental concentrations: Role of alpha-tocopherol and metallothioneins". Aquatic Toxicology. 2016. Vol. 179 p. 72–81
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Koehlé-Divo, V., Cossu-Leguille C., Pain-Devin S., Simonin C., Bertrand C., Sohm B., Mouneyrac C., et al., "Genotoxicity and physiological effects of CeO2 NPs on a freshwater bivalve (Corbicula fluminea)". Aquatic Toxicology. 2018. Vol. 198 p. 141 - 148
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