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Berthet, B., Mouneyrac C., Amiard JC., Berthelot Y., Rainbow BD. et Smith PS. (2003).  2003. Response to metals of the polychaete annelid Nereis (Hediste) diversicolor, a key species in estuarine and coastal sediments. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 45 (4) p. 468–478.
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Buffet, P-E., Zalouk-Vergnoux A., Châtel A., Berthet B., Métais I., Perrein-Ettajani H., Poirier L., Luna-Acosta A., Thomas-Guyon H., Faverney C., Risso C., Guibbolini M., Gilliland D., Valsami-Jones E. et Mouneyrac C. (2014).  A marine mesocosm study on the environmental fate of silver nanoparticles and toxicity effects on two endobenthic species: The ragworm Hediste diversicolor and the bivalve mollusc Scrobicularia plana. Science of The Total Environment, 470 (471) p. 1151–1159.
Berthet, B., Mouneyrac C., Perez T. et Amiard-Triquet C. (2005).  Metallothionein concentration in sponges (Spongia officinalis) as a biomarker of metal contamination. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology (C), 141 p. 306–313.
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Amiard-Triquet, C., Mouneyrac C. et Berthet B. (2013).  Polychaetes in ecotoxicology. Dans Encyclopedia of Aquatic Ecotoxicology (p. 893–908). Springer.