Classification of high frequency oscillations in epileptic intracerebral EEG

TitreClassification of high frequency oscillations in epileptic intracerebral EEG
Type de publicationCommunications avec actes
Année de publication2015
Titre de la Conférence/colloque37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2015
jour/mois du congrès, colloque2015
Auteur(s)Jrad, N., Kachenoura A., Merlet I., Nica A., Bénar C. G. et Wendling F.
Université, EditeurIEEE
Ville, PaysMilan, Italy
Numéro ISBN978-1-4244-9271-8
ISSN Number1558-4615

High Frequency Oscillations (HFOs 40-500 Hz), recorded from intracerebral electroencephalography (iEEG) in epileptic patients, are categorized into four distinct sub-bands (Gamma, High-Gamma, Ripples and Fast Ripples). They have recently been used as a reliable biomarker of epileptogenic zones. The objective of this paper is to investigate the possibility of discriminating between the different classes of HFOs which physiological/pathological value is critical for diagnostic but remains to be clarified. The proposed method is based on the definition of a relevant feature vector built from energy ratios (computed using Wavelet Transform-WT) in a-priori-defined frequency bands. It makes use of a multiclass Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) and is applied to iEEG signals recorded in patients candidate to epilepsy surgery. Results obtained from bootstrap on training/test datasets indicate high performances in terms of sensitivity and specificity.