A new method to determine arterial distensibility in small arteries

TitreA new method to determine arterial distensibility in small arteries
Type de publicationCommunications avec actes
Année de publication2012
Titre de la Conférence/colloque2012 20th Mediterranean Conference on Control Automation (MED)
jour/mois du congrès, colloque07/2012
Auteur(s)Guerreschi, E., Bricq S., Leftheriotis G., Chauvet P., Haussy B., L'Huillier J. P. et Humeau-Heurtier A.
Mots-clésarterial distensibility measurement, Arteries, biomedical ultrasonics, blood, Blood pressure, blood pressure measurement, blood vessels, cardiology, distending blood pressure measurement, Estimation, Fourier transform, Fourier transforms, Heart, heart frequency, image processing, image resolution, medical image processing, radial arteries, spectral amplitude, spectral analysis, time motion mode ultrasound imaging, ultrasonic imaging, Ultrasonic variables measurement

Several methods allow to measure arterial distensibilty. One of them consists in estimating the direct distensibility (D) from diameter and distending blood pressure. Herein, we propose a new method to assess the distensibility in small arteries which is based on spectral analysis of time motion mode ultrasound images of radial arteries. A Fourier transform was performed on intensity of upper and lower walls. Spectral amplitude at heart frequency from both wall spectra was estimated and summed (SumAmp). SumAmp was then compared with direct distensibility. A significant correlation was found between SumAmp and D (r = 0.7, p = 0.02).