Digital Connections between Vietnamese Catholics in Vietnam and Vietnamese Catholics in diaspora

TitreDigital Connections between Vietnamese Catholics in Vietnam and Vietnamese Catholics in diaspora
Type de publicationCommunications sans actes
Année de l'intervention2014
Titre de la Conférence/colloqueFrontiers and Peripheries: Vietnam Deconstructed and Reconnected
jour/mois du congrès, colloque6-7/11/2014
Auteur(s)Hoang, A N.
Université, organismeUniversity of Oregon
Ville, PaysOregon, USA
Mots-clésCommunication, Digital Studies, New Media and Religion, Vietnamese Diaspora

This study seeks to question the connectedness issues in contemporary Vietnam by examining the specific transnational digital-mediated linkages between Catholic Vietnamese nationals and Catholic Vietnamese diaspora. Focusing on a globalized Viet Nam through political, technological, and cultural dimensions, our investigation centers current connections of Vietnamese people within a threefold framework, that is:

  • A religious framework: Catholicism being defined as a universal religion, linkages between its members are fundamental to its nature;
  • A diasporic framework: any diaspora, which is a displaced population living away from their homeland, is characterized by their connections to their homeland and their adopted country, and by the interrelatedness between its members;
  • And a mediatic framework: medias as means of information and communication are privileged tools for religious purposes and in diasporic situation.  

Within that framework of study, we attempt to analyze the formation, the meanings and the impacts of those connections in both religious level and broader social, cultural and political context of contemporary Vietnam. In our hypothesis, we shall argue that these religious ties allow Vietnamese Catholics to (re)shape their faith practices and to make meanings of their Catholic identities in the Vietnamese communist regime and a globalized Vietnam. Moreover, it will be also argued that within global forces (“mediascapes”, “ethnoscapes” and “ideoscapes”) these linkages between Vietnamese Catholics are affecting significantly some major issues of contemporary Vietnamese society such as social justice, human freedom and rights, national sovereignty, and thus challenge existing political hierarchies and authorities.

In the final analysis this research is an attempt to gain insights into transformations of contemporary Vietnam viewed under the specific lens of connections: connections between Vietnamese Catholic Church and Roman Catholic Church; between people inside Vietnam and outside Vietnam; between faith and society.