Study Abroad, Traditions and New Directions

TitreStudy Abroad, Traditions and New Directions
Type de publicationDirection d'ouvrage ou de revue
Année de publication2019
Titre de la revueTeaching Languages, Literatures & Cultures
DirecteurLoiseau, Y., Fuchs M. et Rai S.
EditeurModern Language Association (MLA)
VilleNew York, États-Unis d'Amérique
Numéro ISBN978-1-60329-388-4
Mots-cléscultures, échanges internationaux, programmes d'études

Thanks to an increasingly interconnected global economy, the role of study abroad in twenty-first-century education has expanded. Student participation continues to grow as disciplinary offerings broaden; meanwhile, programs face persistent chal­lenges to maximize access, strengthen language learning and multicultural awareness, reduce research bias, ensure funding, and maintain safety and security. Designed as a resource for use in creating and con-ducting courses and programs overseas, Study Abroad: Traditions and New Directions presents a diverse picture of options for study abroad. Contributors' experiences teaching in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America inform analyses of global trends, recommendations for enhanced learning, and course models that can be adapted for a variety of programs and locations. Essays discuss current policies, procedures, and formats including language immersion, interdisciplinary studies, mentored research, professional training abroad, service learning, and institutional partnerships.