L’obligation de l’instruction à 3 ans : un moyen de restaurer l’École Républicaine française

TitreL’obligation de l’instruction à 3 ans : un moyen de restaurer l’École Républicaine française
Type de publicationChapitre d'ouvrage
Année de publication2019
Titre de l'ouvragePedagogika wczesnoszkolna w Polsce i na świecie.Teoria i badania
Auteur(s)Malherbe, C. Nafti
EditeurWydawnictwo KUL
Numéro ISBN978-83-8061-762-9
Mots-clésinvisible pedagogy, School failure, segregation, Social and academic field

For several years the French School has been undergoing many reforms, thus  fluctuating between a fairer school and a school of excellence. Despite all the reforms from primary school to high school, the students’performances  in French and mathematics remain on average. Unlike other European countries that fight against early school leaving and partially succeed in reducing school failure, the French School increases inequalities between pupils, both territorially and in terms of performances.

While the educational policies followed by the various Ministers of National Education have not succeeded in reducing inequalities and school segregation, they are not the only ones involved. Indeed, parental and student behaviours and teachers' pedagogical strategies contribute to increasing school injustice. Parents, on the one hand, by not respecting the school map and teachers, on the other hand, by eliminating the most disadvantaged pupils through their pedagogy.

The idea of the Minister of Education is to train children from the age of three as pupils, hoping so that it will allow young children to incorporate the behavioural and linguistic codes required in the School with the objective of transforming a nursery school devoted to early childhood into a School of Learning. The nursery school, which until now had escaped the reforms, is now becoming the ultimate lever which will give pupils the desire to learn.   The nursery school becomes the ‘premiere’ School, namely a School where children will enter into the learning of Reading, Writing, Counting, and Respecting others. In this article, we would like to understand through the various sociological surveys how the reform of kindergarten and compulsory education for children from the age of 3 will reduce school inequalities and restore the School of the Republic.