Untie the Knots of the Past to Reconnect with History.

TitreUntie the Knots of the Past to Reconnect with History.
Type de publicationArticle
Année de publication2019
LangueFrançais, Anglais, Polon
Titre de la revueBiografistyka Pedagogiczna
NuméroRok 4 (2019) nr 1
Auteur(s)Malherbe, C. Nafti et Robin J-Y.
Numéro ISSNssn 2543-6112; e-issn 2543-7399
Mots-cléseducational biography,, habitus, subject,

Many autobiographical productions at the crossroads of literature and science

are similar to the loom of our lives. At least that is what the stories of Annie Ernaux,

Didier Eribon and Pierre Bourdieu show. These writings, near to the literary or scien-


c genres, reveal a fairly similar existential project on the part of these three authors.

For each of them, it is a question of pursuing an emancipatory ambition by knot-

ting, unravelling and renewing the threads of a history located at the border between

the individual and the collective. It is undoubtedly one of the royal ways to bring about

the enigmatic and fragile fi

gure of a subject under the infl

uence of a double structure :

unconscious and social