Victorina Durán : por una inserción en el canon dramático

TitreVictorina Durán : por una inserción en el canon dramático
Type de publicationArticle
Année de publication2020
Titre de la revueAcotaciones. Revista de investigación y creación teatral
Auteur(s)González Naranjo, R.
Mots-clés26th generation, canon, Republican dramatist women, theatrical movement, Victorina Durán

If we take into account the theories about the concept of generation – Julius Petersen, José Ortega y Gasset, Guillermo de Torre, Azorín, Pedro Salinas, Lorenzo Luzuriaga, Gerardo Diego, José Luís Cano, José Luís Aranguren to tell few names- and after what was released in a previous issue (González, 2016) to the propose of a movement of republican playwrigts females, the goal of this research, owing to the recent edition of Victorina Durán’s anthology of inedit plays of vanguardist scenography, is to insert this last one into the list. Thus, we will apply the same premises that we already used previously with the other women playwrights to represent their validity in this emergent movement despite being forgotten. Nevertheless, we will constate Durán’s modernity thanks to her dramaturgics of lesbian thematic, something ground-breaking for a society that is not prepared to that yet.