Cut generation for an employee timetabling problem

TitreCut generation for an employee timetabling problem
Type de publicationArticle de revue
Année de publication2009
Titre de la revueEuropean Journal of Operational Research
Pagination1178 - 1184
Date de publication2009/09/16
Type de document1
Auteur(s)Detienne, B., Péridy L., Pinson E. et Rivreau D.
Numéro ISSN0377-2217
Mots-clésBenders, Employee, Multi-choice

Motivated by an industrial application, we study a specific employee timetabling problem. Several investigations are being conducted: a lower bound by Lagrangian relaxation, a heuristic based on a cut generation process and an exact method by Benders decomposition. Experimental results on real and generated instances are reported.