Revolutionary Journalism in Contemporary Vietnam

TitreRevolutionary Journalism in Contemporary Vietnam
Type de publicationChapitre d'ouvrage
Année de publication2022
Titre de l'ouvrageThe Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Vietnam, Jonathan London (eds)
CollectionRoutledge Handbooks
Mention d'édition (2ème éd., 3ème éd)1st Edition
Auteur(s)Nguyen-Pochan, T.T. P.

This chapter analyzes the operations and functions of the Vietnamese state-sponsored media system and traces its development, functions, and governance the journalistic press in Vietnam from past to present. Particularly it traces continuity and change in the ideology and regulation of journalistic print media in the era of Đổi Mới and the advent of internet based social media that challenge the Communist Party of Vietnam’s control over the content and flow of information. Following a synopsis of the political character of journalistic print media and an overview of its historical development, the chapter delves into the tensions, contradictions, and power relations that have animated its development in the contemporary context. The analysis highlights tensions surrounding efforts to use ideology to shape communication and consciousness amid social and cultural changes associated with Vietnam’s transition to a market economy. It observes that the concept of the revolutionary press reflects an understanding of the print media as perpetually a political and ideological activity integral to the institution, maintenance, and furtherance of the party’s rule. The chapter examines the challenges the party has faced in maintaining the functions of the print media in the context of rapid social change