School, family and community against early school leaving. International perspectives

TitreSchool, family and community against early school leaving. International perspectives
Type de publicationDirection d'ouvrage ou de revue
Année de publication2023
Auteur(s)Khasanzyanova, A. et Mutabazi E.
EditeurPeter Lang
Numéro ISBN978-2-8076-1892-3
Texte complet

This publication puts forward a revised vision in an attempt to solve one of the most serious problems facing schools, that of their inability to involve all pupils in learning. Beyond being a simple vision, it is also a plea for an in-depth transformation of educational practices. The contributions in this book call for a different look at problems and practices in the fight against school failure. The chapters in this book present the challenges faced by education and training professionals in France, Spain, Hungary and Denmark. The texts question and highlight the idea of cooperation between families, schools, communities and local authorities. How can we develop relevant and effective professional practices to combat pupils' learning difficulties? In guidance and future orientation, how can we consider pupils' diversity and the often difficult social and economic context in which they live? How can we link school and out-of-school knowledge to better promote the development of pupils' learning? How can national or even international educational guidelines be linked to local initiatives?